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"Thanks again for helping. This is why we like to play for Soco." - Marie A.


"Thanks SoCo:-) "Pitches be Crazy" loves playing Wednesday night kickball. We appreciate how organized and supportive the SoCo league has been! The game has made this group of co-workers a family!" - Marisha C.


"Just want to say thank you! The batters boxes were there last night and there was a new umpire that did a great job...It is very refreshing to see concerns be addressed so promptly and I just wanted to let you know that we all appreciated it." - Matt V.


"Awesome! Thanks! It has been awesome since you all took over. No fights and it appears everyone is having a good time!" - Dave E.


"As fairly new teams to SoCo Sports, we really appreciate how organized and efficiently things are run across all your leagues." - Patty G.


"You guys are awesome! Really appreciate the effort you put into this." - Eddie K.


"Cant wait to get involved. Dont know how I found you but wish I found earlier!" - Norman M.


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting this all together. I absolutely LOVE SOCO!!!!" - Megan S.


"It was my intention when joining a SOCO kickball league this past winter as an individual to meet new friends and exercise. I was shocked at the outcome as I met a whole new circle of great friends. With that being said, I realized how powerful your organization is to our community and it really filled a hole that was in our community. I strongly believe that SOCO helps young professionals to have a

place to go to meet new friends, network, and exercise." - Jamie J.


"Both of you are the best! Great leagues and most important, you guys do care that SoCO gets better. That is important to me and I am sure others feel the same. Keep up the great work!" - Michael T.


"I just wanted to thank you and the rest of SoCo sports for another great softball season. I know we are taking off next season, but we will probably try to get a team back together in the fall. We had a great time this season, as always, and appreciate your efforts in creating a fun-filled softball league." - Dan S.


"Thanks for keeping me in the loop. You guys do a great job. More organized then the ones in Los Angeles." - Angelo B.


"So far the league has been going great. I'm very happy with my new team. They all enjoy playing which was wasn't the case for my last team. Even though the umpire might have missed that call he does a great job. Very assertive, not intimidated, and a nice guy." - Richard G.


"Thanks and again - You run a great organization in SOCO!" - Mike M.


"Thank you! Had a blast, can't wait for next week! I truly missed this game quiet a bit, I am glad I found you guys!" - Nelly M.


"Enjoyed Soco Sports, good luck with it all. You guys have a nice thing going. Keep it up." - Will P.


"Thanks and I look forward to playing again, its always a good time. You do a great job at putting these events together." - Ron M.


"You guys ROCK!!" - Megan W.


"Love love love SOCO :)" - Stephanie B.


"SoCo Sports should be the place to check out for any fun activities in this town! I enjoyed your tournaments, your social events and of course your Indoor Volleyball League. I've met great people...Thank you and keep up the great work!" - Isabel S.


"Your softball league is great. A good balance of fun and friendly competition. Very well organized." - Dale O.


"Thank you once again for what you do. Putting together not just the softball league and keeping it running, but all of the other leagues. You really have helped provide a service that is much needed in Sarasota!" - Frank M.


"By the way, thanks for all you do to keep this organized. I know how much of a pain it was for me to organize 1 indoor soccer team on a regular basis, let alone doing what you are doing. For that…thanks!" - Colby M.


"I play Thursday nights in your co-ed softball league and let me first say I have been playing softball since I was 14 and now am 27 and this is one of the better leagues I have ever played with!!!" - Anthony M.


“Cornhole last night at hooters was great, great time great place great people to play against just wanted to let everyone know if you haven’t signed up for the Cornhole league you are missing a great

time” - Jon S.


“I’ve been looking for something like this, a place to play and meet people. Love the idea.” - Jayson K.


“I just read about you guys today and signed up for the soccer league can't wait to start playing!” - Derek E.


“My Sunday afternoon volleyball group had a blast playing a few games of Dodgeball with you this afternoon. The court, the music and your SoCo staff were all first class. Hopefully, many of us will be joining one or more of your leagues.” - Paul F.


"Thanks for all your help with softball and getting these leagues together. It's very refreshing to be able to find young people in Sarasota and I'm having a lot of fun being in the league, meeting new people and drinking at Findaddy's." - Mitch F.


"Thank you again for stepping up and making this commitment! We're all looking forward to another season. Thanks again for all you and SoCo do." - Frank M.