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SoCo Club Sport Rules





    • Everyone playing must be 18 and must sign the team's roster before playing.
    • PICKUP PLAYERS: Pickup players are NOT allowed during the playoffs. Any pickup players during the regular season must be signed on a SoCo Club Sport roster for another team for that particular night/location. Pickups must be brought to the attention of the officials/league coordinator BEFORE the game. Failure to do so, even if discovered after the fact, may result in a forfeit. Teams may pickup up players in order to field a minimum team number (10 softball players, missing 2, you may pick-up 2 players). See specific sport rules for clarification.  If more players from your team show up to allow subs, the free pickup player must be removed. ANYONE CAUGHT USING ILLEGAL PLAYERS DURING PLAYOFFS WILL FORFEIT THEIR GAME AUTOMATICALLY.
    • LATE PLAYERS: Teams must have the minimum amount of players from their own roster to start game (See specific sport rules below for details). If a team falls below the minimum players due to injury or fouling out, they may play with less. Game time is forfeit time! If the opposing team wants to allow more time for players to show up, the clock will start and a max of 10 minutes will be given. All forfeits will be scores according to their sport rules.  
    • INJURED PLAYERS: Captains may sub for injured players, but not use pick-up players.
    • PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: All players must be a signed rostered player by the 5th game of that teams season,  they must also appear on the teams online roster.  Any rostered player unsigned after week 5 will be ineligible for playoffs.  



Check on these links for specific league & tournament rules