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Team Payment Policy

Teams that do not secure their spot in the league with a credit card may not be confirmed for the league. If you do not complete this payment page we will contact you regarding your registration status.


Team Payment 

Awesome!  You're about to start a team.  Please realize that captains who register a team will be held responsible for completing the team payment by the payment deadline which is the day prior to the original start date of the league or Friday for any weekend leagues.  Captains are welcome to invite their teammates to pay down the balance of the team fee by using "Team Payer" to collect fees.  Any remaining balance will be charged to the captains credit card AUTOMATICALLY on the payment deadline (the day before the start of the league or Friday for any weekend leagues).    Any captains who's credit cards are declined will be removed from the schedule until the team is fully paid.  Teams who withdraw within 3 business days of the start of a league will be charged a $100 nonrefundable cancellation fee. 


You will need to enter your credit card information now, but will not be charged until the specified payment deadline for the original start date.   If you are registering after the season started, FULL payment will be due at registration.  Payments are accepted on our encrypted, secure site. Individual payments or corporate sponsors are welcome. For sponsored teams, any fees paid by an individual for a team may be refunded upon an equal payment provided by a third party.  


NO REFUNDS are made for any reason after the league has begun.  



If you don't wish to be responsible for your final team payment, we have another option.  Register as an Individual and under the "Play with Friends" option, choose to invite your friends.  You can always add more friends at a later time too.  Then you'll all be linked together and placed on the same team together.  This way each player is responsible for their payment only.  However, Club Sport reserves the right to add players to your team if you do not have the required amount of players as listed in our Roster Limits/Policies guide. 



Any team who is registered using the team payment function that needs to add a free agent who's already paid their league dues, will be able to add them.  Club Sport can add them to the rosters and subtract the amount paid by the FA minus a $10 admin fee.  


LEAGUE PLACEMENT: registering for a specific division does not guarantee placement in that division. The league reserves the right to move teams based on past results or team makeup. 

By clicking Continue, you agree to Club Sport's policies.


Note that any online payments made on this website are also governed by the League Lab Participant Payment Terms.